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Think Wilder is a full-service, emerging architecture firm based in the New York/New Jersey area. Founded in 2014 by Stephen Michael Wilder, the firm prides itself on understanding that designing buildings is equally as important as building relationships. We are committed to knowing and understanding our clients and end-users, as this is the basis for providing projects that meet construction, schedule, budget and aesthetic demands.

Passion. Diverse Experience. Vigor. These are a few bare essentials that not only define our team but also translate to excellence in design from pre-design through construction. We are qualified, yet anxious for new challenges that will force us to test our creativity and knowledge. With the underlined goal of positively changing our communities, our collaborations with our clients and allied professionals are deliberate and equally beneficial. The easy thing is to state we love what we do, but we look forward to proving it.


Think Wilder is our mission statement. It serves as a reminder that there is always another way of solving design problems beyond conventional wisdom. It’s a constant motivator to push a little more to apply the right material or implement the most practical technology. It makes implementing sustainable and passive design strategies part of the natural process. We’re constantly motivated to redefine and advance the architecture of the communities we live and work.


The gratification of seeing something drawn on paper become something built is comparable to none. This is a privilege that we do not take for granted. We do not let what we see dictate what we can see. We believe that it is our sole duty to leave every space and community we encounter, better than how it was when we first
encountered it.


Our vision as designers, has an approach that includes embracing elements of rationalism. This affords us the confidence to interpret design issues as simply opportunities to display expression and creativity in the various facets of the design process. The belief that all communities deserve to have the desired destination of firmness, commodity, and delight guides us in our pursuit for a balanced architecture and design no matter the project or location.

Innovative & Elegant

Innovation separates us from the average architecture firm. We are always exploring innovative approaches to architecture and planning, so we are consistently bringing new and fresh ideas to our clients.

Community Conscious

What are architects and what is our role in the community? What is architecture and its importance to the community? The real answers to these questions are why we stay active in the community.

Genius Team

Dedication, Laser Focus, and Commitment to our clients are what binds us together.  We cherish and welcome the opportunity to collaborate with the best like-minded, allied professionals.