30 West 182nd Street

Multifamily New Construction project

The design concept started with the objective of extrapolating a negligible architectural feature of the neighboring buildings and making it a prevalent façade feature that could no longer be ignored. Similar to the actual site, which is relatively small in size and nestled between two large, corner buildings, we wanted to bring the arch motif to the forefront. While incorporating the arch, we also wanted the building at this location to “carry its own weight” on a block with historical buildings. A 5-story, 25 feet wide and 60 feet tall building, surrounded by massive 6- and 5-story buildings is bound to get lost. A gray, brick building with oversize windows incorporating a decorative arched metal frame is designed to blend in with the surrounding and neighboring buildings. The horizontal, bronze finished metal panels break up the narrow verticality of the building while connecting adjacent brick buildings that have had a void for some time. The large metal canopy with the stencil address cut out creates and inviting drama at the entrance of the building.

ClientRFP Submission