Station at Grant Avenue, Plainfield, NJ South Second Street Development

The Station at Grant Avenue, scheduled to start construction in 2018, is the final piece of a 2 phase development that will erase 20 years of blight at this Plainfield, NJ brownfield site. This 90-unit residential building is part of a high-impact development that will provide employment opportunities, work-force housing, and increased economic activity to an under-served community.

The building elevation is a mixture of traditional and modern elements. Traditional in its 3-part composition.  Horizontal bands, that sometimes play the role of canopy or balcony floor, extend from end to end creating the separation for this composition. The dark stone base lays low behind the street level landscaping while the gray fiber cement panels of the middle section takes its place as the predominant attention seeker. The black, fiber cement siding located at the top section, is chic and modern, but also connects to the surrounding housing types. The building bays alternate between projecting and recessing to create nice play shades and shadows along the facade.  Splashes of wood accents throughout the façade also add to the overall character.

The U-shaped building footprint maximizes views for all apartments while creating an inner courtyard at the rear that conveniently sits atop the building’s parking deck.  Each unit has an open floor plan which allows plenty of natural light and ventilation to penetrate deep into the units.


ClientTD+ Partners / JG Petrucci